October 8th, 2004


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Woke up around 4:30 this morning noticing that the motion sensitive floodlights in the front of my house were freaking out. My diagnosis: not any motion, just freaking out.

Lights on. One second later, lights off. Ten seconds later, lights on. My neighbors probably hate me.

I replaced the "metallic gargle" fan in my computer. And now I'm wide awake.

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Bulk emailers lose some of their credibility when they send email to a mailing list and include "You are receiving this message because you joined our service...". I'm pretty sure my mailing list didn't ask for mortgage information or grey market pharmaceuticals.

And of course the emailers didn't have a lot of credibility to begin with.

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So. I turned 33 1/3 today. No need to send thirds of presents, thank you very much.

Tomorrow, I'm throwing a birthday party. Sort of. More of a dance party.

Well, hopefully. Who knows? There are some flaws in the execution so far:

  1. I don't know a lot of women locally. This is a problem beyond just this party, but I've managed to construct a whole social event predicated on lots of men and women showing up. You know, for the dancing. Some of my female friends are joking that they're fine with a 9:1 ratio. I just want them to return the favor and invite me to one of their parties sometime.

  2. 33 1/3 shouted out one thing to me: LPs. I have a few, I picked up a few more off eBay. They're super cumbersome. I forgot how neat the sound of the needle dropping onto vinyl was, but I also forgot how fragile and awkward a LP is. So, I'll mostly be playing MP3s. But I'll have a turntable, CD player, probably even cassette player handy just in case someone brings some old music.

  3. My guests DON'T READ THEIR EVITES. I sent out a perfectly friendly eVite saying that it was a dance party. And when it was. And that it was a dance party. And there would be 80s music. So be prepared to dance. And people have been getting the date wrong (one guy comically showing up a month early, God love him) and another friend called tonight asking when it started. He had been assuming that it started in the afternoon, as the last party I threw started in the afternoon.

Really, my friends are good people, but I'm afraid that they're going to be thrown when there's artificial fog and music and no preponderance of boardgames.

I'm documenting the decoration as I slowly move along: http://www.lecompte.org/Dave/Pix/80s/index.html