October 23rd, 2004


(no subject)

I flew Delta. I've got no particular love, or hate, for that matter, of Delta. They fly through Atlanta, which is a questionable decision if one were to be looking to efficiently get Dave home from JFK. But I understand that there are all kinds of business plans, and I guess Delta's is doing OK, in spite of routing me through Atlanta.

I mention this, because the first leg of my flight home had me seated next to a cute woman. Maybe 28, maybe 30. She was coming home from a cruise; she started the day in Barcelona, and was heading home to Birmingham. We got to chatting about what we did, and I had an opportunity to show off the latest version of Switch. Woohoo, shameless plug to a captive audience. Granted, she had been drinking to buffer her system against the travel, but perhaps she'll actually download the game at some point.

The movie on the Atlanta->Seattle leg was "The Terminal". Halfway through that movie, I found myself having difficulty speaking English to the Flight Crew.

"I vill hef ze Bif Send wedge. End ze cookie. OK? OK."