November 2nd, 2004


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Random blather, because there's no chance I'll do "work" before noon.

  • Last night, I did around half of my holiday shopping at God bless e-commerce. It helps when Mom & Dad said that they wanted DVDs.
  • I've been trying to finish "Plan of Attack" by Bob Woodward before it's too late. I'm maybe 40% of the way through it now, and it's covering an awful lot of Franks', Rumsfeld's and Cheney's planning for invading Iraq. Plenty of "How", very little "Why", and less "Whether". Let's say Bush gets reelected, I may not be interested in finishing the book. If all goes well, though, the election will be contested and I'll have plenty of time to finish it.
  • Likewise "Chain of Command", which I bought accidentally.
  • Remember "Almost Live"? Anyone? They had a running sketch, "the Ineffectual Middle Management Suckups". I miss when I was in management. Somewhat. More, I resent ineffectual middle management. Ah, Almost Live. Finger on the pulse of the Northwest.
  • Are you a computer gamer? Do you know someone who is? Just a suggestion - if you're (they're) looking to get Half-Life 2, and have a moderately good bandwidth persistant internet connection (DSL or (shudder) Cable Modem), I recommend buying the game through Steam. Electronic download, which isn't really anything special, except that Valve's gone back and instrumented their other games (Half-Life 1, particularly) so that as you're going through the game, the next level is downloaded before you get there. This means you don't HAVE to install the whole game all at once, and you don't HAVE to wait for the whole thing to start playing. I expect it'll be even more spectacular on HL2. Also, you get to thumb your nose at bricks-and-mortar distribution channels, and publishers (Sierra) that play an increasingly questionable role in game development and distribution.
  • I'm wearing the obligatory sticker today. You know which one I mean. Touchscreen, no paper trail. Something's a little disappointing about getting a credit card gizmo, tapping at a screen, and dropping off the card. I guess I could have got a cookie, but I guess my dissatisfaction stems from the fact that it seems like my vote is just as ephemeral as a hotel key. A paper trail might help that feeling a tiny bit. That way, I can watch the outcomes tonight and have a little scorecard to keep notes on. I voted yes on education, no on gambling. I abstained from voting for judges. I don't know how to vote for a judge. They're nonpartisan, and I could have done homework to know how they voted in the past, but that's more work than I got around to.
  • I heard recently that some legislation passed opening the door for Broadband over Power Lines. This means more high-speed Internet reaching farther out into the boonies. As a boonyite, I approve.
  • For no good reason, I fed my home phone number into one of those web pages that tries to make words out of it. My number has ones and zeroes in it, so it's hard to do much. However, using those as word delimiters, my number becomes "do not die". Kinda cool.

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Also, as spiffy as LJ is becoming, I occasionally find it's increasingly difficult to use my client or my browser to post. Ah, well.