December 22nd, 2004


Not that you asked...

Warning This is mostly a note from me to me, and perhaps to a random few robots who may be crawling around here, looking for keywords.

I've been playing around with DocBook for a little while now (after noticing that the Linux Documentation and O'Reilly support variants of it). And I decided to move a book idea that I've been noodling with over to it.

The nice thing is that DocBook can generate Web and PDF output with nearly equal ease. The not-so-nice thing is that the path from "source" to PDF is involved and isn't completely well documented.

Mac users have been derided as spending too much time on the appearance of their documents (darn that WYSIWYG), and I'll admit that much of my time of late has been in setting up the layout of the page so that it meets my expectations. Today's triumph is to get footnotes to appear at the bottom of the page instead of the end of the chapter.

Here's the stylesheet code that made it happen:

(define bop-footnotes ;; Make "bottom-of-page" footnotes? #t)

(define %two-side% #t) (define %default-quadding% 'justify) (define tex-backend ;; Are we using the TeX backend? #t)

(declare-flow-object-class page-footnote "UNREGISTERED::Sebastian Rahtz//Flow Object Class::page-footnote")

The last piece was hard-coding the tex-backend variable. Probably something I should be doing on the command line.

Sorry for all that code.