December 29th, 2004


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I have two traditions when it comes to New Year's Eve. At least two, I guess: having friends over to play board games and eating chex mix. I guess that's sort of one big tradition, but you can see the important elements: friends and chex mix.

I'm currently making the chex mix. Except that a) I forgot to buy pretzels and b) I just spilled Worcestershire sauce all over myself. Maybe I'll make a second batch tomorrow after having gone to the store.

Also, I have a huge number of friends who have RSVPed "maybe". It'd be nice to know how many will actually come so I'll know how much more Worcestershire sauce I need to plan on spilling on myself in preparation.

(no subject)

So, I'm watching "Raven Hawk". William Atherton, John deLancie, Mitch Pileggi. Also Jerry Garcia, but not that one.

And I'm noticing that William Atherton (you remember him from Real Genius, right? Professor Hathaway? The jerk? The one who (spoilers) ends up with a house full of popcorn?) looks a little bit like Robert Redford.

So my question is: how does an actor like WA get typecast as the self-important authority figure that gets taken down in the last reel?

Maybe he can't act.