February 8th, 2005


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Where to start?

Chances are you've already heard, but Rog Gleason was in a car accident last night. Some small number of those reading this won't recognize the name, and you're welcome to skip the remainder of this post.

I'm already finding myself grieving Rog's passing - the many shared memories that were meaningful for he and I and few others.

Boston Movie Wednesday, road trips to Ganzas, the Traveller's Book restaurant. The trademarked Rog and Dave walking tour of Boston.

God, but I miss this guy.

I'm reminded how lucky I was to have been able to list him as a friend, and more than that, as a geographically local friend. We often would get together for a meal, to raise a glass of something, see a movie. Every now and then, when we'd be at a restaurant, and we'd have a hard time making change, he'd chip in an extra $5 and tell me it was towards the registration of Switch (a silly little puzzle game pictured in my icon).

He was always encouraging, always a positive spirit. Even when he and I disagreed, there was a warmth to our exchanges.

I'll pass this along - one of the last things that he wrote to me. It comes from a discussion where he was endorsing my thinking about starting my own company, but it speaks to so much more than that:

Than why not try? Granted it's a risk but that's what exciting about
it. Trying and having a good time seems worth it.

Amen, my brother.