February 17th, 2005


Feet, don't fail me now.

I know that some people have mini-lists for folks that are supportive and are interested in reading weight reports. I don't. Yet. Maybe someday soon. But this isn't exactly a weigh-in post.

  • Tread Pirate Roberts This is my cute name for the piece of machinery that occupies the spare bedroom. It hasn't seen a lot of use over the past mumble mumble months, but I've recently dusted it off and got myself back on it.

    One short term goal was simply to get on the machine on a regular basis. So far, so good on that one.

    The next short term goal is to accumulate enough mileage over the span of a week to add up to a marathon. I'm on track for that one (do the math, it's not really all that hard). Maybe something to shoot for a little further out is to do enough mileage in a week for two marathons.

    Figure, figure, yeah, that's not something I can do right now. Without seriously giving over the whole weekend to it.

  • Tender feet no, not a bunch of 11-year old boys with backpacks and knives. There's wisdom in not doing too much exercising too quickly. Give your body a chance to adjust. I've been ignoring all of that wisdom. My feet are feeling a little bit sore as a result. "The burning sensation lets you know it's working." Ow. Ow.

  • You can't get away that easily I was hoping to get to work early today. I was out feeling crummy yesterday. I got into my car about the time I normally do (so much for getting in early), and it wouldn't start. (So much for getting in on time.) I stuck the thing in neutral, and gave it a push, and this is when I discovered how much of a slope my driveway has.

    I managed to run over to the driver's side, open the door, jump in, and slam on the brakes. Yay. No running into trees or ditches, or small children. Yay.

    A little more excitement than I had planned on.

    Neighbor came over, we hooked up the jumper cables, bam, I was on my way. Yay.

What with one thing and another, I'm just now starting my workday. Good stuff.