April 18th, 2005


Theatre, theatre, frame rate, theatre

More or less in that order:

  • Sylvia On Friday, I saw Sylvia at Second Story Repertory theatre in Redmond. Delightful little piece of fluff, where a guy adopts a stray dog. The dog and the guy's relationship interfere's with the guy and his wife's relationship. I'm not a dog person, but it was fun.

  • Living Together On the way home, KUOW was playing Living Together, by Alan Aykbourn. This is part of his Norman Conquest trilogy, three interlocking plays that depict different elements of a farcical weekend. I played the role of Tom, the vet in "Table Manners" 11(?!) years ago, and I've been fond of these plays since. Um.

  • Reefer Madness caught the movie adaptation of the musical adaptation of the 1938 documentary. Alan Cumming, Neve Campbell, Steven Weber, Ana Gasteyer. Play by Kevin Murphy (IMDB says it's not the same guy that did Tom Servo on MST3K, sadly). I particularly liked the bit when Mary Lane was wishing her romance would go like "Romeo and Juliet", and Shakespeare was in the back giving her the high sign, saying "not so fast".

  • Frame Rate I spent most of Saturday working on a programming project. At the end of the day, I was getting some results, but only running at around 47 frames per second. I'm not sure if I'm doing something boneheaded or my expectations are too high. I was hoping for somewhere in the realm of 70 frames per second at this point. I'm not doing anything very fancy yet, and when I start adding in the fancy, the frame rate's going to get worse. I'm worried.

  • City of Angels On Sunday, I saw City of Angels with my folks at Bremerton Community Theatre, a noir film musical. I'm disappointed to say that BCT overreached themselves on this one. The production dragged (in part due to frequent scene changes), the orchestra overpowered the actors, the actors didn't seem comfortable with their songs (either because they were difficult songs, or because the actors weren't great singers, hard to tell), and - since it is community theatre - it seemed that the cast was as good as they could get, which wasn't good enough. In the program, one of the actor's bios mentioned that this was her favorite musical. I'm amazed at that, and I'd like to see the production that formed her opinion.