April 25th, 2005


What Dreams May Come

So. I had a busy weekend, including a bit of yardwork.

I'm sure yardwork has got to be one of the least interesting LJ topics, so I won't begrudge you the glazed look that's already forming in your eyes.

Each year, I try to get the lawn into a nice, stable, maintainable length, and each year, I believe this can be done using just the single yard waste can that I have, which gets emptied once a week. Each year, I discover that I'm wrong. Each year, I think "maybe if I started earlier, I might have less mowing to catch up on".

All that's true for this year, of course. Saturday, I decided to take the lawnmower (pictured in the icon) over the front yard, give it a trim, pick up the cherry blossom petals that have been falling off the big tree in the front yard. This took a nothingth of the morning. I proceeded to pick up a bit of the cut grass that I've been leaving on the side and back yards. Again, not long, and before I made much of a dent, I filled up the yard waste can.

I proceeded to wander around the yard. I looked at some fruit trees down by the south edge of the yard, and the blackberry vines draping around them, making it treacherous to mow in that area. I found my hand clippers and got rid of a bunch of the vines, and proceeded to mow there. That feels good.

I then tugged at a poor Japanese Maple (?) that I've been neglecting in the front yard. It didn't look at all healthy at any point last year, so it didn't surprise me at all that the branches were brittle in my hand. I kept tugging and pushing at it, and before long, all that was left was a stump. Hm. I'm not particularly fond of this kind of tree (this one was maybe 3 1/2' high, and you know the kind of tree, it's got dark red leaves - for some reason, I find them an eyesore), but I felt bad for killing it off. Having removed the tree from the front yard, it was much easier to mow around it.

I think I'm slowly killing of some of the rhododendrons around my property, too - or, rather, there's one that's almost certainly beyond hope, and all that remains is for me to admit to it.

With that context, I can now get to the nightmare (!) I had last night. My mom came over to the house, and she enjoys gardening in a way that I really don't. I clearly remember one moment in this nightmare, where I realize that Mom pruned some trees in the front yard. "Pruning" in this case meaning cutting all the limbs off the trees and topping them to a height of four feet. So, where I once had majestic shade trees, I now have stumps.

I find it interesting that such a dream would trouble me so much. Or that I'd be so troubled by my own mistreatment of my leafy neighbors that I'd have such a dream.

You may now go back to reading "The Lorax".