May 18th, 2005


Just trying to help

To: The President of the United States, the members of the Senate of the United States, and the cast of "24".

It's pronounced NOO-CLEE-UR. Whether you're talking about weapons of mass destruction, the inside of a cell, or rewriting cloture rules, it's all the adjectival form of the word "nucleus", right?


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Power outage today at work. I was in one of the few rooms in the office with no windows - excepting the restrooms.

Fortunately, my home was spared the outage (which is odd, given the rural area I live in, and the tin-can-and-string power grid out here). Whee! I'm home early. Maybe I'll go see a movie to celebrate.

Also, speaking of forces of nature - let us take a moment to remember that 25 years ago, today, Mt. St. Helens erupted, sending a huge amount of the mountainside up into the air and a fair amount down the mountainside. 57 people died that day as a result. I imagine many many more were injured. There are still people around here that think of things the way they were more than 25 years ago, like "yeah, they have a view of St. Helens... er, I don't know. I guess they used to have a view of St. Helens...".

It's a big, dangerous world, one which for the most part doesn't care about your welfare. But there are people that do care, so for their sake, be careful out there, OK?

I really need a film icon.

Not like Bogart, who was certainly an icon of film. I need a PNG that's 100x100 pixels, that's less than 40k that communicates the experience of seeing film in a cinema, preferably with other people, probably with popcorn.

Having mentioned that, I'm now prepared to talk about the movie I just saw, "Unleashed". Maybe there'll be spoilers, you'll never know if you don't Collapse )

movie icon

This icon is skirting the edge of 'fair use'. It originated on the cover of "A Year at the Movies", by Kevin "Servo" Murphy. A fine read, especially if you, like me, enjoy the cultural phenomenon of film.

Or you like the image of a lumbering Minnesotan sneaking Thanksgiving dinner into a showing of "Monsters, Inc".