May 24th, 2005


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Ok, we've got a lot of neurons between us, maybe somebody out there will know what the Hell I'm talking about.

I seem to recall a TV show, maybe on Fox, maybe on UPN, back around roughly 1996. The main character was a war photojournalist, I think, and he took some picture that They didn't want him to take, and he ended up on the run from Them. And then he began to suspect that the war that he was documenting wasn't even real, that it was some elaborate ruse.

Does this sound at all familiar? To anybody? It's bugging me that I can't put a name to this memory.

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So, I saw this movie, which was based on this book.

Having seen the movie, I'm amazed, awed, and appalled. The movie tells a story of a company that started out shady and then encouraged a culture of increasinly risky, decreasingly ethical practices. It's tempting to try to consolidate the blame into a few execs acting in bad faith, but I suspect it's more accurate to see systemic evils, throughout the company - on to the bankers who supported the scheme, and on to a lesser degree to the heady investing culture that can't get enough of a "too good to be true" stock story.

Not to say all the people under the Enron moniker are evildoers. Not to say that all investors are money grubbing and amoral. The review I read before going to see this movie is that it would make me mad. I think it left me sick to my stomach more than really angry. Close enough, I guess.