May 26th, 2005



I've done things I'm not proud of. I'm sure each of us can come up with 10 things we wish we had reconsidered in light of information gained just a little too late. (Anybody want to run with that and turn it into the next LJmeme? I didn't think so.)

Today, the temperature in the Greater Seattle Area was around 80. Which, I'm sure, is a temperature that many of you are comfortable with. Not so much I. I have the constitution of a wet sponge, and a sharp rise in temperature doesn't suit me well at all. Hm, I don't like wet heat, so perhaps the sponge is a poor comparison.

I came home "early" today (meaning, before dusk), and decided to spread a couple bags of cedar bark around this flower garden I have in front of my house. (Also, pictured in my icon. Sort of.) Good idea, you know, getting work done while the sun shines. I spread the bark around, I think it did a fair job of covering the area I had in mind - I might need a little more around the edges and under the Viburnum Davidii I have. (Oh, come on. If you had a plant with your name on it, you'd put it in a prominent place in front of your house, too.)

So, I looked with a little bit of pride at the flower garden - definitely looking the best that it had since I moved in. In fact, as I turned away, and looked back, I saw it with fresh eyes, and I remarked how much like a normal person's flower garden it looked. Nothing like the product of my own endeavors.

But, lest you all run out and buy bags of cedar bark to spread around your domiciles, let me give you one caveat: I strongly recommend taking off your Tevas and putting on a pair of close-toed shoes. Maybe even wear a pair of gloves. I didn't at the outset know that I was buying several bags full of splinters, but now it seems obvious. Painfully obvious, you might say. No, you probably wouldn't stoop so low as that. But that's my gardening advice for the week. Use it in good health.