June 6th, 2005


Soundtrack for the day

Bang The Drum All Day - Todd Rundgren
I Don't Care Anymore - Collins, Phil
I Don't Like Mondays - The Boomtown Rats
I Don't Understand You - They Might Be Giants
I Just Don't Care - Moody Blues
It's A Mistake - Men At Work
It's All Too Much - Beatles
It's No Good - Depeche Mode
It's not Enough - Swing Out Sister
Just A Job To Do - Genesis
Leave Me Alone - They Might Be Giants
Let Me Go - Heaven 17
Living In A Box - Living In A Box
Release Me - Wilson Phillips
Repetition - Information Society
Rescue Me - Madonna
Somebody Kill Me - Sandler, Adam
The Happy Worker - Tori Amos
We Gotta Get Out of This Place - The Animals

Blah blah blah

  • Good heavens, 100 user pictures? Wow.
  • Suggestion: for those of you who are getting permanent accounts, consider every now and then giving an anonymous gift of paid account time to a friend. Or better, a stranger. Random acts of kindness and all.
  • My icon is Aku, the shape shifting master of Evil, from the Samurai Jack cartoon. The voice was done by Mako, who you've probably seen in something else.
  • I've been furious for the past week. Several of you have caught on to that, either in the grumping I've been doing here, or perhaps elsewhere. Anyway, right now, I'm feeling OK. There's no saying that in 12 or 16 hours, I might not be furious again, but at least for now, I'm OK.
  • Last, um, Thursday, I think, we had rain and wind and assorted related weather. Nothing too surprising for the time of year, I guess. But one thing that I've had on my "to do" list has been to figure out why the motion-triggered floodlights (aha, an unintended tie-in to the icon) freak out in the rain and wind. They seem to turn on and off about once every 20 seconds on certain nights, typically wet nights, but not all wet nights. I figured it was a short in the junction box that connects the motion sensor to the lights.

    Friday, as I was going to my car to head to work, my neighbor mentioned to me that the light had been turning on and off that previous night. I feigned ignorance, but I figured it was about time to fix it. I was already afraid my neighbors hated me for not fixing it earlier.

    This Saturday, I drove "into town" and went to Home Depot to get some electrical tape. I know I got some before, but I couldn't find any. So I got 3 rolls. Just in case. I came home, pulled the ladder to the front of the house, and proceeded to start examining the junction box. It was about this time that I realized it would be very good to start flipping switches at random on my circuit breaker. I went inside, and I was actually able to figure out which switch I needed to flip by reading the helpful labels. It took me two tries, even so.

    I opened up the junction box, and everything looked fine inside. The motion sensor looked old and worse for wear, though. Back into town to get a replacement motion sensor. I eventually found the motion sensor section at Home Depot, and I was amused by the sample motion sensors ALL triggering at the same time when I walked by. Is that a motion sensor floodlight, or are you just happy to see me?

    I headed home, but before I got very far, I realized that the motion sensor device I just purchased wouldn't connect to the junction box as is. Back to Home Depot. Got a cover that fit the motion sensor. Back home. Turned the power to the lights off. Removed the old device, hooked up the new one - hm, it says that it needs to be on a switch to work... if that's true, they really ought to have listed that on the outside of the box. Ah, screw it, I'll wire it up and see what happens.

    Turns out, it works fine. There's a "manual" mode that you can set it to that has something to do with flipping the switch on and off. I don't understand why I'd want to use it, but since that circuit is unswitched, it's not immediately relevant.

    I just walked past it a few minutes ago, and it properly detected my presence and turned the lights on. I'm such the home repair maven. It doesn't take much, I guess.

  • Happy birthday, Colin Quinn.
  • Happy birthday, Renee Robichaud.
  • This picture and the related website strikes me as a fairly cool technology. It fits in fairly nicely with a game notion I'm kicking around. If only I weren't working on two aggressively scheduled projects as it is.