August 11th, 2005


March of the Penguins

Those that are at least 75% as geeky as I will know that the penguin is the mascot of Linux, the Open Source Operating System. That's not important right now.

This is a post about a documentary about the mating of Emperor Penguins. Pretty much, you know the plot of the movie already - a bunch of birds flop onto the ice from the cold Antarctic water, hike 70 miles to a nesting ground, lay eggs, and endure bitter cold throughout.

Not bad for a summer movie - you'll leave wanting to sip cocoa wrapped up in a blanket. Or perhaps the air conditioning in my theatre was turned up really high.

What's amazing to me is that this movie is in the theatres at all. It's currently the #2 documentary of all time (sure, there's a bunch of scruffy pudgy creatures on screen, but none of them are Michael Moore). It's got Morgan Freeman as the narrator, but Ashley Judd doesn't make an appearance. It's rated 'G', but it's not animated, and it certainly doesn't have Disney marketing it. It's a love story, sort of, but it doesn't have Celine Dion, Peabo Bryson, or anyone else singing a sentimental anthem over the credits. The credits are worth watching, but not because of staged outtakes.

One random observation: newborn emperor penguins are funny looking. Instead of the familiar coloration (for example, my icon), they have dark grey "pants", light grey chests, and white backs. Around 6 months of age, they migrate back to the ocean, and they've mostly replaced that with the familiar coloration.

Bottom line: Go see it while it's in the theatres - it's a remarkable film.

speaking of documentaries

I was just browsing a website where people talk about themselves, and someone mentioned under 'favorite books/movies' that she really enjoyed Fahrenheit 411.

Hm. Is that the expose' about how the American Public has been duped by the telephone information operators this whole time?