August 24th, 2005


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You're probably not reading Ron Gilbert's blog, but if you were, you'd have read such things as:

  • I was hoping casual games would be different, but it's just a smaller version of its screwed up drunk older cousin.

    Talking about how the people making the small games aren't really thinking differently than the people making the big games. Which is so true. I've had some experience with people trying to make a buck in the Bejeweled space, and I can grasp that there are some things in common - convergent evolution, form follows function, all that. You want to create a product and put it on a physical or electronic shelf, there are certain lessons that apply. But for goodness sakes, people, there's room for new ideas, too. And it would seem like casual games would be the ideal place to try them out. If not there, where?

  • Why is it that when you buy a bottle of coyote urine, it has to say "Not for Human Consumption"? Seriously. It says this. I'm looking right at it.

    Talking about, well, I guess he was talking about coyote urine.

No good reason to be up at this hour

And listening to the MP3s found at this page certainly isn't a good reason:

Background? Do you need background? Maybe you were backpacking through Iberia, Siberia, Yucatan, and the collective -stans during 2001 and 2002, and weren't around when "Zero Wing"'s intro got turned into the ubiquitous video and subsequent phenomenon. Suffice it to say, it was a flash in the Internet pan, an example of quirky individualists behaving in a collective non-individualist fashion.

But even though the phenomenon has come and gone, I still kinda dig the MP3 I downloaded once. I went to the most authoritive website I could find for this kind of thing, but I could not find the Laziest Men on Mars' recording of "Invasion of the Gabber Robots", the music behind the first of the two videos. I did find the Karaoke versions linked at the top of this ramble, but that's not quite the same. (The Beatles one is a laugh, and I kinda dig the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" one, as well.)

Long story short (too late) - I could not track down a place on this so-called "Internet" where I could get a copy of the MP3 I was looking for. So I got up and found my MP3 player that I was using in 2001, and (sure enough), it was still there. Dammit, people - isn't the whole point of the Web that I won't have to leave my chair?