September 6th, 2005


Whedon is my master now

Which I saw on a t-shirt, and the more I think about it, the less likely I'd be to wear such a thing. In one sense, sure, it's skewering Lucas, saying that he's no longer the king of the Sci-Fi hill (I think he wandered off it sometime in the early 80s, but that's a separate discussion). But the quote itself is using Lucas' dialogue to shape the discussion about Sci-Fi, and I think that letting Star Wars rest is better than making half-baked witticisms.

All that said, I watched no shortage of Firefly over the weekend. I got the theme song stuck in my head but good. I even went to and clicked on "buy tickets now", only to find nothing much of interest to me there.

I browsed IMDB's page on Jewel "Kaylee" Staite. She was on the X-Files episode "Oubliette". I may have to go back and watch that episode just to verify this.

I went back and watched the trailer again - having seen none of the episodes before watching the trailer the first time. Hey, I recognize those people. I see Kaylee and Zoe and Inara and (when did this post turn into "Romper Room", I wonder?). Hey, is that menacing guy Jubal Early? I'm looking forward to seeing River kick some butt.

In my browsing around the web, I discovered a grass roots campaign to set up a service where you could subscribe to new episodes of the show. I think the business model makes sense, but I doubt the numbers of subscribers around would make the direct-to-DVD marketing of it generate appropriate money. Prove me wrong - I'd love to see demand-driven content creation take off, and I'd love to see more shows in this universe. This isn't too far removed from an article I just read on "The Street Performer Protocol".

Of course, if Showtime or HBO were to purchase the show from Fox and run with it, I wouldn't mind, either.