September 22nd, 2005

Katamari Damacy

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Despite the icon, no, I did not spend the evening playing "We [heart] Katamari".

I came home to discover $1600 worth of computer parts in boxes left by FedEx on my doorstep. Some of the boxes proudly proclaiming their contents to the neighbors. I spent the evening (probably a good 6 hours) taking these component bits and breathing life into the machine that I'll be working on for the next year.

It runs pretty well, but I did discover that "PCI Express" has snuck up on me. The motherboard has it, the video card does not. Ooops. Looks like I'll be scooting off to Staples or CompUSA sometime tomorrow to find a card that fits the slot better.

Anybody out there have a "styrofoam peanut" Katamari? You could roll up a LOT of them in my living room.