September 25th, 2005



I am currently formatting 4 SATA drives at once. I'm setting up my work machine, and I've suspected for a long while that part of the reason that my work compiles take so long is the amount of data that gets read from and then written out to the hard drive(s). In the interests of science, I have just installed four 250GB SATA drives on my new work machine. I tried to format them to be a RAID 5 array, but Mouthbreathing Operating System folks decided that RAID isn't something they thought was worth supporting on this OS. So, instead, it's just striped - hopefully, that'll be sufficient.

Oooh, in the span of typing this, I'm already at 18% formatted. Once that's done, I can begin installing the serious work software.

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Did you ever want a very large image of Orlando Bloom?

  1. Get this file
  2. Print it out, it will take 42 pieces of paper.
  3. (optional) trim the margins off the paper
  4. Tape the paper together. I did this first by rows, and then I taped the rows together.
  5. (also optional) hang it in your boss' office. Worked for me. You might want to keep the picture for yourself.


  1. Go here
  2. Download the software OR use the web version
  3. Supply your own picture of Orlando Bloom (note: you can also supply a picture of something that is NOT Orlando Bloom, but the resulting poster may then have less resemblance to Orlando Bloom. Your mileage may vary.)
  4. Print, trim, tape, enjoy, repeat.