September 30th, 2005


Just because I'm in Pacific Time doesn't mean you shouldn't stay awake to entertain me.

The clock has ticked over into my last day at my current job. My soon to be exjob. I've packed a bunch of stuff for my soon to be plane trip. Which has nothing to do with the soon to be exjob, but it'll be nice to see my (hand gesture indicating typing) friends. I got one of the worst tickets available. I think I'm transferring to a pickup truck along the way.

I packed up most of my office stuff from work Wednesday, knowing that getting stuff from work to the house would be a trick, so I planned to do that Thursday. Except that either with the wind, or the construction, the power went off in my house, and that triggered another false alarm on my living room motion sensor. I went home right away when that happened, but without anywhere near the amount of panic as the last time this happened. I'm calling the alarm company to see what's up with a motion sensor that freaks out when the power becomes flaky.

Which is to say that there's still stuff at work that needs to come home.

And should come home before I go to the airport.

Perhaps that means going in to work early tomorrow, getting stuff, coming home, and then rolling in to work at my now regular time. Which most sensible people would call absurdly late.

Speaking of absurdly late, I went through my last 25 or 50 posts, and several of them mention not being able to sleep. Screwed up sleep habits are a symptom of many different things. I'm currently hoping it's a case of "too much damn caffeine". Something to think about.

I went into the local games store - the one that carries chess, go, dominoes, clue, monopoly (boy howdy), Dungeons and Dragons, and Settlers of Catan. I said "I'm going to be on a plane. Let's make it less...", the woman filled in "tedious?". I was thinking "likely to prompt suicide or other unsocial behaviors", but we'll play along. She suggested the 5x5x5 Rubik's cube. Unlikely to hold my attention. She offered up several puzzles with many small pieces. Not so good. An electronic chess set. Which prompted me to download a chess game for my phone. I felt bad shooting down each suggestion in turn. In the end, she suggested that I bring along a good book.

I pride myself on packing light. Usually. This time, I'm still holding myself to within the carry on limit, but I'm bringing an inordinate amount of power cables. That's what I really was hoping for when I went into the store - I wanted something that would keep me entertained without having a two hour battery life. I do have a few books. Hopefully one or more of them will keep me distracted.

Oh, here's an idea. Maybe somebody can make a buck off of it. We all know better than to take swiss army knives with us on planes. Often times, I find myself reaching for my knife when I'm on vacation. What if there was a knife rental service at the destination airport? I'd put down, let's say, a $50 deposit on a pocket knife, and then when I'm ready to come home, I'd return it. Seems sensible to me.

My iPod Shuffle gives me a surprising amount of joy for the size or for the price. Somehow, however, I haven't been able to decide whether to buy a bigger iPod. I'm sure the joy per cubic inch falls off, as does the joy per dollar. It would probably be a good thing for me to economize on both dollars and cubic inches. Travel, for example, does a great job of joy per cubic inch. A bath isn't too bad in terms of joy per dollar.

May you find your joy.