October 20th, 2005


Calling all Samurai Jack: the Shadow of Aku players

I'm sure that all zero of you that have bought the Playstation 2, GameCube, or XBox versions of this game (especially all zero of you that bought the XBox version, which never got distributed) - if you're in the lower half of game-playing-ability (and really, half of you are - we're just too polite to say so) - you might be interested in cheat codes for this game.

I certainly wasn't throughout the development of the game. But in the last week or so, the head of the studio came by and said that we had to add them in. Ok, sure. Nothing more important to do, I guess. So I added in some cheat codes. But it turns out my first pass 5 minute effort wasn't good enough. They were too easy to accidentally stumble across. So my second pass had cheat codes that were 33% longer. At no extra cost to you!

All of this is of interest to the zero avid Samurai Jack game players, and perhaps also the zero game development anthropologists, not to mention the zero amateur historians of my career (stalkers).

I just got an email from that (now ex-)head of the studio. He wanted to know if I still had the cheat codes. Seems his kids love the Samurai Jack game.

So here you go - Collapse )