November 2nd, 2005


Morning Panic

Anybody out there remember Apple Panic? Too early for this crowd?

That's not what I wanted to mention. I wanted to mention that if you're doing that NetFlix thing, and you've got a slow connection, you might find yourself opening up your queue and waiting for it to load. That's fine, you're used to that. You might then decide to fiddle with the rating widgets that have already loaded. That might be a bad idea, because that will interrupt the load. This isn't a terrible thing on its own, but it does cause a problem if you make changes to your (half-loaded) queue, and then submit those changes.

I, for example, blew away half of my queue this morning this way. Fortunately, it all came back (after, perhaps because of, a desperate email I sent to NetFlix).

Be careful out there, kids.