November 17th, 2005


I blame Matt

... at least, in part.

He reminded me that I had meant to pick up a copy of "Hayseed Dixie", a bluegrass interpretation of AC/DC hits. As I was poking around for that CD, I was reminded that I had also stuck "Moody Bluegrass" in my wish list - seemed like a good CD to get at the same time.

So, these both showed up today, and I proceeded to stick them into the machine over here with the fancy aluminum case and the 64bit processor that get used mostly for iTunes. And as I'm ripping "You Shook Me All Night Long" onto my file server, I get an error box saying that I'm out of space.

Sure enough, some 44.1 GB of music, 16,000+ songs or so, had indeed filled up the drive. Looks like it's about time to invest in a larger drive for that machine. Maybe one of them new-fangled RAID arrays. After Christmas, maybe.

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Ok, those of you who weren't listening to New Wave in 1986 are excused. You can go home, or put your head on your desk - it's up to you.

Of the rest of you, how many recall these guys? I've been trying to hunt down their CD "Laughing at the Pieces" for a while now, and I finally went to eBay - found a copy in England, and a promo LP (ah, the sweet pop, hiss, and crackle of yesteryear). They're both on their way to me now, God help me.

Speaking of 80s music, let's just see what my playlist turns up:

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