December 6th, 2005


(no subject)

One of the unexpected side effects of working from home is that occasionally, I'll need to get up and get away from the computer, leading to working on some small household task. Today, my distraction is wrapping gifts for Christmas.

I cheated, in part, by shopping for my sister and her husband online. Enter their new address, bam, I'm done. No wrapping paper, no bows, no fighting Mrs. "11 items is just about the same as '10 items or less'" in the checkout lines.

But I do have a pile of small gifts that I'm tending to. And I even bought a couple rolls of wrapping paper. "Hm", says I, "I must have another roll or two kicking around in a closet somewhere. It might be nice to mix up the wrappings of the small gifts so that it doesn't look like I did them all at once, perhaps just minutes before I got in the car."

So, I go looking around the house, and I turn up somewhere in the vicinity of 15 rolls of wrapping paper. I don't recall collecting that many at any point. And I have a hard time imagining how I could have accumulated them - certainly I haven't lived in this house long enough to have that sort of buildup, and I don't recall moving wrapping paper during any of my last few moves.

Wrapping Paper Gnomes, I suppose.

Also, I seem to have gashed my thumb in the process of all this merriment. Tidings of First Aid and Joy!