February 9th, 2006


Don't eat the grass for at least the next 4 days...

a ramble about my lawn, largely because I haven't used the icon in a while:

A while ago, I got fed up at my lawn. I've got huge amounts of moss in it and I would like to fix this before the 2006 edition of my annual Come As You Are Birthday/Croquet/Bocce/Margarita Fest. That's off several months away still, but we're talking about a LOT of moss.

The grass isn't completely out of control yet, but we'll see how that goes.

So I went to Home Depot, looking for something lethal to spray on my lawn, something that hopefully would get rid of the moss, yet leave the grass mostly healthy. And I ended up with a quart bottle (I guess) of MossOut - sounds like a well-chosen brand name for the project at hand. I bring it home, and realize that I already have an identical bottle that I've never used.

Ok, double-barrelled moss extermination. Fine.

Yesterday, over lunch, I wander around my front yard, spraying the moss. These bottles are the sort where you attach the hose to them, and through the magic of capillary action - and I don't know, the Venturi Effect? - perfectly dosed moss killing action sprays out. Whee. After I had about enough of walking around the front yard, I noticed that there was not discernably less concentrated stuff in the bottle than when I began. Hm. Maybe it's very concentrated, says I. Maybe there's only a little bit that you need per acre. Nah, that's unlikely.

So, today, I opened up the top of the sprayer, jostle the various nozzles and intake tubes and whatnot, and try again. This time the moss changes color as I spray. Going from a bright, cheery, green (a nice color, but I'm killing moss, so it's a bad color in this specific context) to a dark brownish green. Kelp green. Woo, progress! And the level in the bottle is going down. Nice.

As I move around my lawn, I notice that the stuff I hit first actually kept getting darker after I stopped, and now instead of brownish green, it's BLACK. Woohoo! Now I know I'm doing something. I may be doing catastrophic damage to my local ecosystem, and by next week, every plant in a one mile radius may be withered and dead. I'll let you know.

Also, I'm getting crazy ideas about mowing my lawn super early this year. Mowing? In February? Crazy.