April 3rd, 2006


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One of the perks of working from home is the view at the back yard. I don't have a "view" per se - growing up, I had a panorama of the Olympic Mountains as I woke up. Not so here, I just get to look at my longsuffering rhododendrons and the neighbors' vegetable garden. But now and then, a family(?) of deer come by.

I just saw the first deer of the season. As I was getting my camera, they walked around to the front of the house (in case you frequently check out my backyard webcame and didn't recognize the view in the picture above). I'm not familiar with the seasonal lives of deer - do they shed their coats during early spring? Is that the light (almost white) coloration we see on the deer to the right?

Also, my digital camera that I've used for years isn't turning on. That can't be good. So these pictures were taken with my cell phone's camera.

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Generative Content

Forgive the name-dropping here, but I was at GDC just two weeks ago, and Will Wright gave a talk about random stuff, including his new game and a huge German drilling apparatus. I guess he had used the buzzword "procedural content" too much around the office and in talking to the press about his new game, and he had been getting good-natured ribbing about it. So he took a poll of the audience for a new phrase to replace "procedural content". I forget what the other three options were, but "generative content" won.

Unrelated to that, I wanted to place this link here so that if I needed to come back to it later, I could find it: