April 18th, 2006



In the category of "things aren't as bad as you feared (sometimes)":

Saturday and Sunday, I was at my folks' home. Monday, I did that Peter Falk patting my pockets, making sure I had all the normal furnishings - wallet, pocketknife, house/car keys, green laser pointer, lawnmower key...

Ooops, I lost my lawnmower key. Maybe in the cushions of the couch, maybe on the floor of my old bedroom...

Maybe anywhere between my house and their house, or anywhere around Bremerton... the key's just gone.

This morning, I called the lawnmower store, and they said that I could come by and pick up a key, as long as I know the model number of the mower. Hm, that sounds like plenty of security.

I was actually pretty anxious that some local youth would find a lawnmower key and figure out that they could make off with my mower with said key.

I just got email from my dad - he found the key in the grass right where I had parked over the weekend. I can cross this off my list of things to freak out about.