April 22nd, 2006


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Done so far today:

  • puzzling - I solved a word search for my new bad habit which took me way too long. They said I was supposed to find 10 words, and I got the first 9, and the 10th one eluded me for long enough that I managed to OCR the card, followed by writing a Python script to search for me. It was right there, bottom left of the grid, reading up.

    Time to get more cards.

  • speaking of word searches - Games Magazine's contest of the month is to make the smallest word search containing the names of all 50 US states. Sounds like a job for distributed searching. I gave some thought to this, and I have a plan for how I'll implement it.

  • speaking of networks - when I got my Mac G5 back from the shop, it identified itself to iTunes as a new machine (new MAC address?), which irked me. I've got a number of iTunes authorizations languishing around on work machines that I've since abandoned. I figured there had to be a way to deauthorize a computer remotely, or at worse, deauthorize all my computers, and I'd reauthorize from scratch. Sure enough! Bam! I'm back to a single iTunes authorization. Makes me feel lemon-fresh and new.

  • speaking of lemons - er, nope, I can't make the segue work. I spent around an hour in the back yard fighting with the blackberry vines fighting with my rhododendrons. I now have scratches up and down my arms. I could have worn a heavy shirt or jacket over my farmer-style overalls, but I opted to earn some wounds rather than overheat in the slight bit of sun we've had today.

  • speaking of surprise birthday parties - no, I wasn't. SURPRISE! I nearly ruined a surprise birthday party for my buddy and new coworker, rejemy. Happy birthday.

Stuff I gotta do before Monday:

  • get more puzzle cards - it's an addiction, I tell you.

  • go out dancing - there's a waltz workshop that I'm planning to go to. 3/4 time takes some getting used to, yo.

  • Thrace? - no, not BSG, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

  • Wrap my head around some work scheduley stuff - the boss gave me "technical lead" responsibilities over a large chunk of the game, with the abovementioned coworker acting as my enthusiastic sidekick. This entails a certain amount of design work, which I'm pleased that we've already done (yesterday), a certain amount of scheduling, and a great deal of code. Maybe not so much code, but enough. The more scheduley stuff I sort out this weekend, the more together I'll be on Monday.

  • Pay the Dentist - Seems that when I took this job, I didn't notice that I wasn't signing up for dental insurance. You remember that episode of "Friends" (and every other sitcom, probably), where they joke about the insurance company not providing benefits since Chandler (or Rachel, depending on which season) didn't actually have insurance through them? Yeah, same thing. And I'm just about as cute as Rachel, too, so the likeness is extra appropriate.