May 2nd, 2006


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Sometimes, you feel like a nut an idiot.

Yesterday, I wanted to get a lot of work done. Good productive Monday. Along the way, I was burning a CD as an important part of the work I was getting done. The burn froze up 95% of the way through, which wasn't completely unheard of, but it was still frustrating. Usually, I can reboot the machine, and I'm back in business.

This time, when the machine rebooted, and just after I logged in, it proceeded to reboot again.

"Ah", says I, "maybe there was some lingering task that needed to do one last bit of cleanup, and the reboot confused it." Not that I've ever seen that before.

Nope, it continued to reboot as often as I chose to log in. I tried booting into Safe Mode, and no reboot. That's good. I tried booting into Safe Mode With Network Support, but for whatever reason, I had no network support. I ran my virus scanner while in safe mode (an obnoxious process, in part because safe mode, set my monitor resolution back to 640x480x16 color, and people still make user interfaces that don't resize and that require more than that amount of size.

That was lazy in 1990. People like to resize user interfaces.

By this time, I'm getting increasingly frustrated with this, and with other things that are for the most part unrelated. I joke to traypup that all this must be happening that day as the consequence of the undocumented immigrant labor force I have doing my network support.

Later that evening, I think to remove the half-burned CD from the drive before rebooting again. Vi-o-la, everything's back to normal. Well, my forest of shortcuts that grow like mushrooms in the shady recesses of my desktop have been reorganized during my trip through 640x480x16land. But I had been considering reinstalling the OS, to try to blow the gunk out of whatever software configuration got hosed. Or upgrading the OS. Hm, it's time to back up all the crap I have on that machine. Hey, maybe I can install some non-MS OS on that machine with more stability. Nah, I've got stable machines and I've got Windows machines, and they each serve their purpose.

Instead, I decided to order a new optical drive to replace the 12x burner. I do burn CDs for work on a roughly weekly basis, so it'll be nice to switch over to something more reliable. I think the new drive burns at 48x or 56x or some such, but I doubt I'll see any real difference - the half hour process that ends up in burning a disk now will have dropped down to 29 minutes.


  • yay - new toy to install in the cd-burning machine
  • boo - it took me four hours to figure it out
  • yay - I figured it out without having to clobber my operating system
  • boo - I'm still not good at taking a step back and clearing my head when things start piling up crazy upon crazy