June 1st, 2006


Poor Andrew McCarthy

  • I was going to start this post saying "where is he now", but IMDB says he's been busy, in fact in stuff that I've seen. And yet I didn't recognize the Heaven Help Us / St. Elmo's Fire / Pretty in Pink / Mannequin face. Ah, we get older, I suppose.
  • That said, I just watched "Only You", featuring McCarthy, Kelly Preston, Helen Hunt, Liz "Helen Seinfeld" Sheridan, and I'm pretty sure the actor who went on to play Mr. Treeger on "Friends", though the credits disagree with me. I'll go ahead and spoil the plot of the movie - McCarthy gets dumped by his swimsuit-model girlfriend on Christmas Eve, just before they were going to go on a tropical island vacation. McCarthy goes to a bar, meets up with Preston, who was snubbed by her boyfriend (who chose to spend the holidays with his wife!). McCarthy and Preston get really drunk, and wake up on McCarthy's island vacation.
    Oh, and Helen Hunt happens to be on the island, too.
    From there on out, it's your standard romantic comedy love triangle. McCarthy lusts after Preston, Hunt pines for McCarthy, there's a New Year's Eve party. Hunt wears overalls to prove that she's unattractive (see also "She's All That", with Rachael Leigh Cook in overalls).
  • I just don't buy into the premise, I guess. Kelly Preston really didn't seem attractive at any point in the movie. And she treats McCarthy poorly all along. Not even 24 hours after being dumped by his original girlfriend, McCarthy's calling Preston "honey" and "sweetheart", and she's oblivious - or at least not reciprocating.
    And, supposing McCarthy and Hunt were to get together at the end of the movie (I'm not saying they do, lest I ruin what would be a completely formulaic ending), it would seem like they went to so much work to prove that she's second best to Kelly Preston, that McCarthy would be settling.
  • I don't know how long ago, probably in 1994 or thereabouts, I must have seen the last few minutes of this movie at a Circuit City, and told myself - that chick in that movie is cute; I've got to watch the movie one day to find out who she is. Twelve years later, I finally watched the movie, and - yes - Helen Hunt is cute. I think that I had put the pieces together before, but it's nice to tie up loose ends.
  • They pay me by the bullet point, I don't know if you knew that.
  • Nah, I'm kidding.