June 10th, 2006


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  • That Movie with Cars - of course I saw it. When I saw the first trailers, it looked dreadful. It was much better than that. Still, Toy Story 2 and Incredibles were better, but it was plenty good. Stay for the credits, of course. Oh, and two things: the pupils on one big flat windshield wigged me out. Maybe it just looked cheap, as opposed to the pupils in previous Pixar films. Also, there's a moment where Bonnie Hunt's character is moving in slow motion. I really really thought that should have had "Moving in Stereo" behind it, but I can understand that some people wouldn't appreciate the connection.

    Also, note to the folks seated in the row behind me in the theatre - shut up. Thanks.

  • And so this is 35 - thanks for the birthday wishes, each and every one.

  • Acrobats so Close, you could spit on them - last weekend, I saw "Cirque Du Soleil: Varekai". A lot of the same signature stuff; a bunch of acrobats, jugglers, and clowns - but still amazing. In my mind, there was a coronation/wedding of the king and queen at the end. The acrobat playing the queen reminded me a lot of Emily Proctor. I've never seen Ms. Proctor turning somersaults 60' in the air, though.

    If you prefer, "Acrobats so Close, You Can Inspect the Quality of Their Manicures".

There was going to be more, I'm sure of it.