July 29th, 2006

Good Feeling

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Moderately productive day today:

  • preamble - last night, I stumbled across a bit of the game logic that I was working near that wasn't behaving as I expected. I wrote a big email, including the phrase "attached is a client log...". While I was writing this, I got an IM that an ex-cow-orker was leaving for California (actually to Naughty Dog, who has been calling me to encourage me to come work for them), and that his going away thing was in about an hour.

    I was a few miles away from home, on my way to the going away party, when I realized that I hadn't attached the client log.

    Played lots of pool. Ogled the cute waitress. Ate chicken on a stick. I am not good at pool. I get by on the other activities, though.

  • morning - hauled myself out of bed. Some people spring out of bed, refreshed and eager for the new day. Not me. Maybe I would if I got back on that "exercise" thing that I hear so much about. I managed to mow pieces of the lawn (it's a lie - the lawn hasn't grown in a month, so driving around with the lawnmower only serves to pick up the grass that I cut earlier, but haven't managed to get up off the ground). I also sprayed bits of the front yard with weedpoison. Perhaps the large patches of dandelions will get the message. Of course, no grass will grow back in the gaping holes during August, so I'm just guaranteeing that my lawn resembles swiss cheese.

    Mmm. Cheese.

    On the way in, the neighbor (look at my webcam, you'll see her picking berries. Or not.) calls over to say hello. Now, I've worked from my spare bedroom for what, 8 months now? 10? I haven't seen her around for quite a while. Nor she me, of course, what with the reversibility of light and all. So we chatted for a while (oh, Dave, I've got to go, I've got this potluck to go to...). For a while, I was worried that she might have passed on (I really haven't seen her in quite a while), but no, she's doing fine.

  • noonish - I worked some more on my Perplex City backlog. I'm in the top 250 players worldwide, which is a sign to my stubbornness as much as anything. The next "wave" of cards comes out on Monday, and I'm pretty sure someone else is going to figure out the contest puzzle and win $200,000 before I get my momentum back. That's life.

  • afternoon - did some of the work involved in the email I sent last night. It wasn't hard, but it worries me that the little I did probably hides a bigger problem.

    I then decided it was well past time to upgrade the hard drive on my laptop. I did some research online, and I figured out where the hard drive is. And how to take it out, and what I need to do to migrate the current contents of my laptop to the new drive. Seems there's a one-line DOS command that does the trick, or I could shell out $100 to have a GUI do it for me. Hm.

    We'll see if the one line command works - it's doing its thing now. The downside to this is that my laptop attempted an autoupdate shortly after the copy process started, and now it prompts me every several minutes if I want to reboot. Not now, idiot. How about now? No.

    Being that I'm moving stuff from one hard drive to another, I can't very well install new stuff on the machine just now. Being that I don't want to be visible to work, I'm not signing on to IM. Being that the machine will reboot on its own if I don't click on the "Shut up and wait for me to TELL you to reboot" button, I can't leave the laptop unattended.

    So. I'm left with online amusements.


    A friend of mine is involved in yet another social bookmark site - Blue Dot. I'm not sure if I'm the right demographic - if I'm supposed to be checking what my friends are bookmarking on a daily basis, or what. If you like MySpace and Deli.cio.us, I guess you're supposed to like Blue Dot. Note: as you can tell, I'm not at all invested in this company.

Oooh, the copy has got all the way to the "D" directories, including "Documents and Settings". Which pretty much covers the entire contents of the hard drive, right? "Documents, Settings, Files, Folders, and Stuff."