August 3rd, 2006


On QIF export

"Note: This feature is compatible with Quicken 98 through Quicken 2004, but is not compatible with users of Quicken 2005 and newer. Older versions of Quicken are not "Year 2000" compliant and so are not compatible with the file format used by [our service]."

So, I try to put some money away for retirement. I'm certainly not going to ever work at a place that offers a pension, and who knows what the federal government is going to provide for the aged once we get there. Also, my long term plan to marry into wealth is not making any progress.

The service I use to manage my IRA shall go nameless, but they're stuck in old-file-format-land. And have been for a while. They have a website, but I'm not sure if they understand it. They've just redesigned the website, and I was seeing if they started supporting any sort of Quicken compatibility with the redesign, or if they just made things look prettier. So that's where the quote above came from.

through Quicken 2004 - Sure, Quicken 2007 is what Intuit wants to sell you, but maybe supporting 3 year old software is a good idea. Maybe supporting software that's a MINIMUM of 3 years old cuts down on having to deal with people that actually upgrade their machines, actually use their software, actually write in to tech support.

is not compatible with users of Quicken 2005 and newer - I see, it's not the software that's the problem, it's the users. We're such troublemakers.

And another gripe that I can't anchor to the quote above - when I looked around to try to get in touch with their customer service, there were two options, phone, and email. I prefer email, because I can compose a more reasoned request, and I have some hope that there might be more of a paper trail (if not actually requiring paper - you understand) of my issue. Turns out, no, it's not email, it's entering my request in a web form. It's kind of similar, but it's not really email. Email is where you give me an address, I go to Microsoft Outlook (actually, no, but I could) and I use that address to send you a SMTP-protocol message. The web form thing forces me to cramp my request down into a tiny box (which, inexplicably, does not have word wrap on), so I can only see a fragment of a sentence at a time. So much for composing a request. No carriage returns, no double quote marks.

Dollars to donuts (mmmm, donuts), the response will be "thank you for providing valuable feedback. We do not currently support newer versions of Quicken, but are considering it at this time".