September 4th, 2006


Request for assistance

I need your help, but that's towards the bottom. Read on, please.

With the expected exceptions, I imagine that people skimmed right over my "24 Text Adventure" post. That's cool. Really. Computer games aren't for everyone, and text adventures doubly so (sigh).

So, the workload for my actual paying job has tapered off some, so I've allowed myself to be drawn into a "make a game in a week" challenge. You can see the details here, if you like. It's still early on, so my focus has been on getting basic gameplay in, which will be followed by advanced gameplay, and finally art that doesn't disgust people.

(For those of you who ARE interested in text adventures, I'll mention that I was considering doing something text-rich for this competition, but couldn't come up with anything I felt comfortable going forward with. There is another team braver than I am, though.)

I've got stick figure art, which is plenty fine for now - I have confidence I can ratchet up the art quality by a few increments by Saturday.

HERE'S THE REQUEST Can you record sounds on your computer? Can you sound like a swooning girl from the 60s, upon seeing her favorite moptop pop idol on stage? I'd really appreciate some assistance on this, as a crucial piece of the game is when fans first lay eyes on their idols. I have many skills, but sounding like a teenaged girl from the 60s isn't one of them.

RELATED REQUEST I'm not sure if I'll get this far in making the game, but if I do, I'll also need some help with the following characters. Maybe you can't do a swooning chick, but maybe there's something on this list that you can do:

  • zombie
  • supermodel
  • Elvis

Regardless of what you're capable of, here's what I need:

  • short - like 1 second.
  • generic - for the swooning chicks, no intelligible words are necessary. I'm not sure what to do with Elvis. He's got non-verbal mannerisms, though. Go to it. I don't want any sound effect to draw the user's attention away from the game, so "Look, over there!" would be bad.
  • amateur (copyright-free) - don't send me stuff from someone else's movie, TV show, or sound archive.
  • WAV - or MP3, if you must. If you want to record at 44 kHz stereo, that's fine, but be aware I'll probably end up resampling everything down lower and into mono.
  • emailed to my LJ account - or my GMail account. Or any other account you know I check on.
  • credit as... - tell me how you want to be listed in the credits. Feel free to stick a musically-themed nickname in, like Mike "Sussudio" Smith or Louie "Louie" Kingsman.

And regardless of whether you can help or not, if you just want to play the completed game, I'll be sure to post here when it's ready. I've still got 5 days to go on it.