October 14th, 2006


(no subject)

I dig Kevin Smith. The jokes I tell aren't as juvenile as some of his stuff, mostly, but the balance of cheap jokes with polysyllabic monologues works for me.

So, not long ago, I stumbled on "An Evening With Kevin Smith" on cable. I missed the first half hour, so I added it to my Netflix queue - mostly because I figured that there'd be some DVD extras or something silly hidden away there, which would make it better than waiting for it to come around again on Starz or whatever.

And, sure enough, I laughed at the DVD menu. You know about DVD menus - they have an intro bit, and then a loop of video. Even if it doesn't look like it, sometimes, that's the system you've got. That intro may be zero frames long, and the loop of video may be a single frame, but that's your pattern when you're making a DVD. So there's a chalkboard with the normal stuff - play movie, subtitles, trailers for Spiderman. And then Kevin walks in from the side, and proceeds to get impatient with you that you haven't selected an option from the menu. After a while, he pulls out a bottle of water. He's already broken the fourth wall, but I laughed when he made a gesture to offer the bottle of water to the audience.

I'm easy, I guess.