November 3rd, 2006


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No, not really.

I voted using a ball point pen. Snohomish County (pronounced just like it's spelled. Contrast with 'Sequim'.) has gone to all-mail-voting, which I defeated by dropping off my ballot at a collection spot. It felt odd that I was expected to pay for postage on a ballot, of all things. So I drove to the nearest polling location, which happens to be the nearest movie theatre as well. They gave me a little sticker, similar to the one pictured in that icon. It was less satisfying than I was hoping for, but I did get the ability to research my votes WHILE voting, which was a novel experience.

I also ushered at my favorite local repertory theatre. The show was "Anything Goes", which is packed with so many of your favorite Cole Porter tunes. It was a fun show, it was fun to help out.

Now, however, I'm wide awake and restless. And all my friends that were wide awake and restless at this hour on the East Coast have gone to sleep already. Perhaps that means there's hope for me, then.