November 8th, 2006


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So that was the midterm election.

  • I'm still F5-ing the Montana Senate results, but I'm growing resigned that we can project the winner.
  • There was one initiative I had a clear opinion on, and one I had a pretty strong (as in "wtf do we need an initiative for, that's in the constitution") opinion on. The voters agreed with me on the first, but not on the second. Oh, well. I suppose that if there are people who want to resubmit it, they might be able to craft the wording better next time around.
  • Snohomish County has a web page under a ".org" top-level-domain. That offends me. C'mon, guys; ".gov" exists for exactly this kind of use. Don't waste it, and don't pollute the ".org" space. This goes double for the Army, but in that case it's ".mil" and ".com".
  • Poking around Snohomish County's web page, you can find out if the "Mail In" ballot you submitted has been received. Even if you didn't mail it in, but dropped it into a box supervised by election workers. I put mine in on Friday evening, and it took until sometime this morning, between 7am and 9am for the web page to register that I had submitted a ballot. So, call that 110 hours turnaround to check my name off a list.

    I know I'm spoiled by instant this, express that, and automatic the other, but I suspect that we can do a little bit better than this, even accepting the "hell or high water" weather we've been having this week. I'm tickled that we have a way to know that the envelope got that far along the process, and it might be even nicer to have a way to verify that my vote actually got counted. Also, a few more sentences on the page assuring web-hungry voters that the election workers are doing their best, and just because their name's not turning up yet, don't freak out.

    Listen to me, paranoid that the process of democracy might not be working.
  • unrelated to elections whatsoever, I'm looking for the key for my lawnmower. Usually, it stays in the left front pocket of whatever pants I'm wearing, along with my car keys, but on a separate keyring. I've got my car keys, but no mower key. Not a huge inconvenience, just a distracting irritation.