January 22nd, 2007

Good Feeling

Better start working on combat...

This time they really ARE coming right after us.

The zombies are turning and chasing the party now, and the player can actually issue orders to his own units. When the player characters move, they turn to face their new location.

In this shot, you can see an archer and a bard way back by the doorway. Up on the front line, there's an elf with a flaming sword (looks like someone with earmuffs carrying a feather. Maybe I'll fix that), a halfling with a dagger (you can't see him well, because he's short and he's obscured by zombies), a fighter with a sword and a dwarf with a hammer (or it could be an axe, the art's ambiguous that way).

You might also notice a piece of a big red X under the zombie in front. This is my context-sensitive cursor. This is saying that no, you can't move into a square with a zombie. I'm looking out for you in that way.

You might notice that everybody's left handed again. (Still?) I had fixed that, but I think I might have had my characters facing backwards at the time. Oops. Right now, the characters look the same from the front and the back, but soon, I'll put the characters' names on their backs for more of a tabletop boardgame feel.

Another thing that doesn't feel right (yet) is that if you can't move as much as you want to on your turn, you can't "hold" your movement until later. This might happen if you've got a speedy character (your archer) behind your slow bruiser (your fighter). The archer might have higher initiative, and might go first, but if the fighter doesn't get out of the way, the archer won't have anywhere to go. The right thing is for the archer to hold his movement, and then fighter would move, and then the archer can catch up. Nothing fancy, but not yet implemented.

I've started jotting down data for weapons, armor, and spells in actual game-ready format. I don't have any code to read this data, but at some point, that bard's going to have a "Combat Harp" and the dwarf is going to have a hammer.

And then they can start pummeling the zombies. And not a moment too soon - the zombies look hungry.