June 3rd, 2007


I did a few things over the weekend

First off, I'm getting old - I can't handle the moderate temperatures we've been having. Let's get it back into the dismal spring weather that I'm used to.

Things I've done this weekend:

  • dinner with two cute ladies - one was out for her 10 year med school reunion, one was trying to eat mashed potatoes using crayons. I hope the reunion went better than the mashed potatoes.
  • attempted to mow, killed one mower, one discovered dead - it was about time; I hadn't sent any mowers into the shop in going on 9 months. The ride on mower (pictured in the icon) popped a belt, which I had figured out how to fix before, but this time it was beyond me. Seriously, how hard can that be? There's 3 spindle/pulley/wheel/gizmos, the total number of combinations can't be much more than 8. But it needs to go into the shop, anyway - I think I popped a bolt out of the thing, and probably a useful bolt. So, to the shop it goes.
    The walk-behind mower may also be going to the shop. I've neglected that guy for years, as my workhorse is the ride on mower. The walk-behind doesn't start, and it looks like certain pieces that should move don't.
  • saw a play - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. A favorite. Pseudolus and Hysterium were played by two of my favorite local actors. Good stuff.
  • replaced a drain - I've disliked the stopper gizmo at the bottom of this tub for almost 8 years, now. The previous owners had some sort of plunger thing - step on it to engage, step again to disengage. Maybe. I'm not entirely sure I ever learned how to use it correctly. In fact, I think I finally broke it - perhaps from misuse, perhaps by just wearing it out. So I tore it out and put in a simpler device made of better quality materials.

  • replaced two light switches - I was tired of ivory switches, so I put in some white paddle switches. I was amazed that switches are around $3. Maybe I just got the kind that will blow up tonight as I sleep.

  • replaced an electrical outlet - I realize these 'after' pictures aren't as interesting without the 'before' to go with them.

    Lesson learned while replacing the outlet: the outlet is not on the same circuit as the light switch. Check and doublecheck before going wild with the screwdriver. I wasn't injured, but I got enough juice to get my attention. Hopefully to serve as a lesson for next time.