June 8th, 2007


Things to do this weekend

So, maybe your boss isn't giving you Dave's Birthday off this year. Not all employers do. But it is weekend-adjacent, so you might still be able to find some time to celebrate the occasion in your own way.

Some suggestions:

  • see a movie - with popcorn and butter in a theatre, if possible.
  • see a play - obscure is good, pretentious is not.
  • read a book - there's something you've been meaning to get around to.
  • spend some time outside - whether it be mowing the lawn, barbecuing, playing bocce or lawn darts, strolling around the neighborhood, or hiking, just get out into the fresh air.
  • make something with your hands - sew something. Bake something. De-solder and rewire something.
  • listen to some music - maybe a busker on the street, maybe a recording of a symphony.
  • dance - one, two, cha cha cha. Or, just move to the elevator music. It'll freak the other passengers out.
  • support someone who makes things in small volumes - maybe something at http://www.etsy.com/ appeals to you.
  • support a charity or non-profit - money, time, or other donations - remember that sometimes your gifts and abilities can be valuable in ways you don't expect, and many organizations can benefit in ways you wouldn't ordinarily think of. For example, almost everybody who helps Habitat for Humanity wants to swing a hammer, but HfH has other needs, too.
  • make someone's day better - a friendly word to a stranger, an unexpected generous act, checking in on someone. Spending time with a person is a good way to show you care for them.

I don't think there are any mattress sales scheduled in honor of the day, so you might have to wait on that one. Have a good weekend!