June 23rd, 2007

lego worker

SWM ISO SWF, must have basin wrench

The bathroom remodel proceeds.

I got to a certain point two weeks ago, I think, where I wanted to remove the faucet from the sink, but I couldn't remove the old fixtures, in part because I had a hard time getting my shoulders through the vanity doors under the sink. If only I had a small person in the house with less broad shoulders. Or a broad with small shoulders. Heh.

But, I pretended to be a circus contortionist, and borrowed a buddy's basin wrench. (These things just look cool. I resisted buying one before, but now I'm kinda regretting that. But not really - I now have very little use for a basin wrench, so getting it just to pretend it's some sort of growly monster would be even sillier than normal for me.)

The old faucet is out and the new one is in:

The new faucet. Shiny.

Also, don't you hate it when you're done with a job, and there are extra parts? Oops. Ok, this is really a separable project; replacing the sink drain. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

ETA: In looking at the new faucet in that picture, the finish and the lighting on the faucet don't really look like they match the lighting of the rest of the scene - as though I had photoshopped the new fixtures into that picture, rather than climbing around underneath the sink, in my best plumber impression (the impression that doesn't involve jumping on turtles and saving the princess, the other one).