July 10th, 2007


Food Question Resolved

A while ago, I linked out to this site:

... which is a neat little lesson in reading Chinese restaurant signs and menus.

Having skimmed through it, far enough to answer a question about "who is this General Gau/Tso/Zhau? Was he a general? Did he own a chicken? Was he a chicken?", I didn't go back to it.

But one of my favorite local places:

... has three characters on their menu, and printed on the wrappers for their chopsticks, and I was wondering what the symbols translate to. If you look on the right side of the banner at the top of the web page, you can see the symbols for yourself.

Using the first link, I was able to translate the first symbol right away: GOLD. I pretty much knew where things were going, but I followed through the whole site, trying to match the remaining symbols. I think it was the last page, or just about, the author mentions two symbols that aren't really food: BAMBOO SON, which taken together are idiomatic for "chopsticks". I guess BAMBOO by itself might also mean "chopsticks" in the right context.

So. The symbols mean "Golden Chopsticks". Sigh. Sometimes the search doesn't pay off in anything interesting.

Though, it did mention Suan la Chow Show. That's cool.

It's so hot, my front yard is melting

Also, there's some sort of vortex consuming the shade.

Actually, no, that's a panoramic image I took today as I was sweltering in my home office, getting a little work done. So I took a break and took some crazy pictures in the front yard, where it was even more sweltery.

You can see more here, including better pictures of the shade-eating vortex monster: