July 29th, 2007


Silly projects for $200

Who knows, maybe it'll turn into $200.

Until then, it's certainly a silly project:

This morning, I got a hankering for flying a paper airplane around a fanciful (and admittedly Seussian) landscape of pastel sombreros.

I don't yet have the flight physics working, or the plane controls hooked up, but the visuals satisfy me.

The final product may end up being a little less absurd. Possibly.

(no subject)

I was going to leave it alone and do something more useful with my day, but instead, I kept tinkering with it, and it's sort of playable.

I've made a Windows EXE, or if you're a crazy person and want the source, that's fine, too.

No instructions, no guarantees. If it formats your grandmother, I take no responsibility.