August 31st, 2007


Soon I Will Be Invincible: A Novel

Have you noticed that it's mostly novels that have to name their classification on the front cover? I haven't seen "Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Practical Domestic Pets: A Work of Non-Fiction" or "Windows Vista For Dummies: A Book of Poetry".

In any case, I just read a novel (if the cover is to be believed) about superheroes and supervillains. CoreFire has gone missing, Doctor Impossible has broken out of prison, and The Champions are bringing on some new talent. Alternate chapters are told by Doctor Impossible (the smartest villain alive) and Fatale (a cyborg hero who's not sure she's ready for the job).

The Dr. Impossible chapters tell enough of his backstory to make him an almost sympathetic character - I didn't find myself rooting for him to win, but I'm glad he didn't die, either.

Similarly, the Fatale chapters made the travails of living with a half-robot body seem authentic, down to the blinking clock display in her left eye that she can't figure out how to turn off.

I strongly recommend this book to all my friends that enjoyed X-Men, Batman, Heroes or is in grad school.

Oh, huh - I just noticed my chosen icon for this post comes from The Tick, yet another Superhero influence. One thing I liked both about The Tick and SIWBI is the imaginative names for the supers. Chairface Chippendale, The Mighty Bulb, and Anne de Siecle, to name a few.

Why are you still reading this? Go, read a book!

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So, maybe your boss isn't giving you Dave's Birthday off this year. Not all employers do. But it is weekend-adjacent, so you might get confused about where to find it. Not terrible, but all of a sudden, some process would start consuming an entire CPU. (What with hyperthreading and all, many modern machines have (or appear to have) more than one CPU.) So, I'd check what process was suddenly misbehaving - more times than not, it'd be VERCLSID.EXE, some new 'security' feature that Microsoft installed on my machine. Turns out, there's a known(?) issue that VERCLSID will occasionally become unresponsive, just like I'm seeing.

Microsoft says the problem is with HP software, although I see no indications that the onset of reported symptoms has anything to do with the bathroom, but I haven't talked to contractors yet to have them checked off before the nominations are published.

Don't Let's Start You may have heard that somewhere in the neighborhood of a million homes (or a million people?) in the Seattle area were without power.

From 10am to 9:30pm on Wednesday, and to have somebody come to my house was out, so my hopes retreated again.

As I drew close to my home, the air was filled with smoke (fog? steam?) which worried me. Did somebody's house catch fire in the neighborhood? Did MY house catch fire? I blew out all candles before I left. I think. Oh, phew, no - nothing to worry about pesky symlinks (is my home directory on /dev/hda1, or did I leave them in the background. Haunting and ethereal, I really love these reinterpretations.
I see friends shakin' hands, sayin' "How do you do?"
They're really saying "I love you"