September 1st, 2007



The "make a game in a week" challenge is back, and starting in just about 7 hours.

The contestants are voting on themes as I write - when the contest starts, the theme will be announced, and people will make a mad dash for their backpacks, for a race around the world... or just open up their various editing applications to begin making their games.

I suspect most individuals and teams have been brainstorming possible directions to go, so that they can begin implementing at the moment of the announcement, rather than beginning design then.

I have a handful of game ideas which pretty well cover the bases. The candidate themes are:

  • Twinkle
  • Turmoil
  • Ticking
  • Twisted
  • Tyger, Tyger

My personal preference is for "Twisted" - it suggests an interesting casual game mechanic that would be fun to implement and experiment with. More details on that, if I end up going that direction.

Alternately, I've got a zombie game idea that could fit with Ticking or Turmoil, and a shoot-em-up game that's sort of a stretch, but could work for Ticking, Twinkle, or Turmoil. Depending on my mood, I might go with a card-matching game that fits with Twinkle.

I really hope they don't pick Twinkle.

PyWeek5 Begins, theme is TWISTED

I'm psyched about the choice of the theme - that's the one I was hoping for. The above "screenshot" is almost totally mocked up. The idea will be to sort balls into the bins below by twisting the flexible hoses (vertical lines).

More screenshots as the game develops (until people start complaining) - alternately, check out the development log here.