September 6th, 2007


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56 hours left, or thereabouts. Still a bunch of stuff to do, mostly art, which always takes longer than I expect, because the first try doesn't look good.

Stuff I still need to do:

  • continue adjusting level design - many levels are impossible
  • pause menu - should be quick, buttons exist, just a matter of doing it
  • level intros - don't know if I'll have time for the fun intros I wanted to do
  • level outros - same
  • voices - I'm getting voices from friends (thanks!), need to incorporate them
  • colorblind patterns - still
  • character portraits - this could take a while, and end up not looking good.
  • credits screen - this could be the last thing I do
  • tutorial - this will tie into the level intros
  • crates exiting screen - small bit of coding, nothing fancy.
  • keyboard options support - should toggle certain options using the keyboard, like colorblind assistance, music, sound, and mouse inversion.

That isn't a whole lot, and if I wake up at 7am on saturday, that's 10 hours there, and maybe another 10 hours before and after work today and tomorrow. I actually feel like I'm behind now, because the stuff I'd like to take time on will take more time than I comfortably have, I think.

Time to prioritize.