September 8th, 2007

A Hard Day's Night

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I'm tuckered out.

But the game is feeling... like a game. As fun as it has the opportunity to. Excellent voices, silly memos, marbles, crates, tubes, and a robot singing in the background.

You don't get that combination in very many games.


high contrast patterns

For those of you who were reading the development logs, especially the shifting "to do" lists, you might have seen me deferring the work on "high contrast" patterns for my artwork - there was a lot to get done, and I kept finding more pressing things to work on. Here's what I ended up coming up with:

which, when you run it through a worst-case colorblindness filter, you get this:

which looks good enough for me. The green is still awfully dark, though.

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So, if you were to take an action star like Clive Owen, put him in a movie with onscreen hottie Monica Bellucci (possibly the best thing about the Matrix sequels), the logical third leg of the stool would of course be Paul Giamatti, who did so much for Pinot Noir in 2004.

The movie is "Shoot 'Em Up", in theaters now.

If you like silly - dare I say "cartoony" - violence, this is a treat for you. Clive Owen's character is a genius with firearms, and the movie is almost non-stop choreographed gunplay. And I'll go back and hit those two words again - cartoony gunplay, and if I say it with affection, that's a pretty compact synopsis of the movie. There's a literal level where the movie references cartoons - Owen's character has an inexplicable affection for carrots, but by the end of the movie, you'll probably think twice about the raw vegetable. The literal references to cartoons probably is a bit of self-parody, saying they know how absurdly contrived the action is, but ain't it fun?

And it is fun. Sure, you have to be desensitized to violence (stop squirming, you're ruining my shot!), but I'm probably not the only one who can watch senseless carnage and still laugh at funny bits.