November 1st, 2007


word puzzle

Ok, if you're a regular listener to "Says You!", you should recuse yourself.

Everybody else: can you think of a one-word oxymoron? That is, a single word that within its own definition, contradicts itself? I'm not looking for a word like "cleave", "let" or "sanction", which have different senses which are more or less contradictory.

Says You had one, which is good, but I've got my own. Come up with either, both, or one of your own and win a... gold star, I guess. Something.

You have, let's say, a day. Go.

(no subject)

If Valerie Plame were to have a movie made about her life, I'd want Mira Sorvino to play her. And I would totally watch the movie.

Go ahead, Hollywood, make it happen. I'll even waive most of the casting director's salary for my contribution.

(no subject)

When you take computer programming classes, they tell you to comment your code, so that your coworkers won't have to ask you how your code works.

When you get a programming job, your coworkers ask you how your code works, regardless. Which only serves to prove that writing comments is a waste of time.

Tomorrow: how descriptive variable names could get you fired.