November 5th, 2007


Attention Puzzle Fans (SHAMELESS PLUG)

200 Crazy Clever Kakuro Puzzles - Volume 1 is back from the printer, and it looks good.

The version I link to there is perfect bound, which has a nice spine, so it looks good on a bookshelf, or it stacks well in a pile of books. However, some people might prefer a spiral binding, so that it lays more flat during solving. After lunch, I'll set up a project like that at no extra charge.

Buy one for each puzzle solver on your holiday list!

As an aside - once I sell 50 copies of either edition, I'll invest in an ISBN number, which gets me in the door to talk to Amazon and so I can get listed there, as well. So, buy a bunch of copies!


ETA: I've got one report already that the downloadable PDF version, while a bargain at $4, seems to be coming down corrupt. If you've paid for a downloadable version and are having trouble, contact me, and I'll hook you up with a better version of the file.

ETA, part 2: Ok, so I've set up a spiral bound project here. I suspect it's good, and if you're anxious for a puzzle book that stays open, you might consider getting a copy of it. HOWEVER, I think I ought to buy a copy first to verify that the spiral binding doesn't interfere with the clues on the far edges of the page, especially on the big puzzles. So, maybe one more week until the spiral bound version is approved and ready to go.