November 7th, 2007


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Google is occasionally amusing, and for this it earns the $0.00 I pay for my GMail account, and then some.

So, I'm working on a contract gig for a local game company, doing the job that (all too often) is left for the end; pulling all the English text out and providing a means to display French, Italian, German, and Spanish text, if the player has decided that's their preferred language. Also English.

So, we're talking about text strings, and we're talking about C#, and a few other related topics.

Google digests these keywords and feeds me the following ads:

  • do you think in closures? - Program in ML on Wall Street (geeky programming language hit, not bad)
  • Seattle String Quartet - Music for weddings and events (er, not what I meant by 'string', but it's local, and if I ever have a wedding or event (is a wedding not an event?) I will certainly consider them.)
  • We Got Thongs and G-Strings - Interesting & Fun (Interesting? Fun? Um... I guess. Not what I was talking about, and not something I'm going to click on, either.)

In quasi-related news, I took a peek at AdWords for my puzzle book. I've been thinking of 'once I get this level of income, I'll start doing this sort of thing to further promote the book'. Fifty copies sold (spiral or perfect bound) will finance the purchase of an ISBN, which opens the door for all sorts of promotion and distribution opportunities. At some point past that, I'll probably place an ad in the back of Games Magazine. Maybe I'll sink some cash in getting an international distribution arrangement - I hear Kakuro do well in Japan.

With that in mind, it'll probably be a while before I kick off an AdWords campaign for my book - one of the fields that you fill in to set up your ad is how much you're willing to pay per day for the ads, accompanied by how much I'm willing to pay per click, minimum of a penny per click. I don't know if there's a minimum on the cost per day field, but I suspect that AdWords really doesn't make sense at my levels. I'm getting around a buck a book (and passing the savings on to you!), so if I'm paying a penny per click on an ad, I'd need a conversion rate of 1% to break even - of every hundred people that clicked on the ad, one would have to buy the book. I'm unsure what typical conversion rates are for books sold by AdWords, but I'm not confident I'd reach 1%, so I'd be losing money when people clicked on my ad.

Hypothetically, if I were to kick out more puzzle books, and the typical visitor bought more than one book, I might make $5 per paying visit, which would allow me to break even at a conversion rate of 0.2%, which seems like a more reachable number. I'll keep that in mind as I expand the "Crazy Clever Puzzles" brand.