November 18th, 2007


The busy(?) weekend

Seems like I was always doing something this weekend, but in the end I don't think I got much done.

  • Beowulf - saw this in fabulous 3D at the Pacific Science Center's IMAX screen. I was at first thinking it was silly to go see this at the science center, but I used to love the place, and if part of my ticket purchase goes to instill a spark of curiosity in a kid, so much the better. And, hey, 3D.

    The 3D was sometimes good (a fair amount of gratuitous camera nonsense). The animation / camerawork / rendering were not so good. The acting was OK. The script was horrible. I was relieved that the facial animation didn't look as atrocious as I was expecting it to - I had seen the trailers, and was certain that the facial animation was going to creep me out. Maybe things have improved since "The Polar Express", or maybe I wasn't looking at the characters' faces (hello, computer Angelina Jolie). At one time, I had a desire to read a good translation of Beowulf. This movie has destroyed that desire for the time being.

  • Christmas Shopping - I'm just about done with my family gift purchases.

  • Dancing - the local dance hall / reception hall place where I've been taking lessons and whatnot had a social dance last night. They were plugging their New Year's Eve event, which I've been considering, but have been thinking I wasn't interested in going to - seems like an event for couples more than singles. Towards the end of the night, Stephen, one of the proprietors made a cryptic comment about how this might be the last event they ever did. I don't know why I didn't ask him what he meant by that. It's been eating at me since.

  • Pie - One of the few things I contribute to the annual festival of consumption that is Thanksgiving is a pecan pie. Pecan pie and turkey, maybe some mashed potatoes and french-cut green beans, that's enough for me. My folks live 2 hours (ish) from me, so that means I get to let Mom and Dad do most of the preparation and cleanup, but the cost of admission is a pie. It's not a big deal - I've made pies before, they turn out well. For some reason, I meant to get up first thing Saturday morning and get the pie made and have the remainder of the weekend to be productive in other ways. Turns out, the pie got made this afternoon, after having procrastinated most of the weekend away. There's nothing hard about making these things, and given the extra bottles of Karo syrup I have in my cupboard, I should figure out an excuse to make something like three more pies.

  • OLPC dinking - I mentioned before that Nicolas Negroponte has spearheaded an effort to get laptops into the hands of children in the developing world. Check out for more information. A week ago, a limited-time offer has opened up so that people who aren't third-world governments can get their hands on these devices. I ordered one, and I'm geekily interested in playing around with it. Maybe actually developing games for it, or maybe just using it as an e-book reader.

    Today, I set up an emulation environment so I could run the current OS and get a feel for their new user interface. It's kinda cute - it'll be interesting to see how it feels on the actual device. Seems like there's some weird hoops to go through to make a game consistent with the OS' navigation features, but that's an opportunity to get out in front of other folks.

  • 2D Physics Noodling - not interesting, really, but one of the game ideas that's bubbled up to the front of my attention is a 2d-physics based side-scrolling platformer. Initially, I was thinking of it being based around a unicycle, but I don't know if that'd be fun or just annoying. I've been toying with simplifying it to being just a ball. I've doodled a couple of ideas for this, and I think there's gameplay, although much of it is stuff that's been seen before. Still, it'd be fun to play around with, even if it's not terribly innovative.

  • Gotta go to work tomorrow - I'm actually reporting for work in an office for the first time in over 2 years, I think. That'll be weird.